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MTG Modern Horizons 3 announced, featuring Eldrazi titans

Wizards of the Coast has announced MTG Modern Horizons 3, promising callbacks and fan-favorite characters, which seems to include the Eldrazi.

Magic the Gathering Modern Horizons 3: illustration of Eldrazi, extra-dimensional titans with incomprehensible proportions, rise from a waste in a lightning choked realm

Wizards of the Coast has confirmed that Modern Horizons 3 is one of the Magic: The Gathering sets planned for 2024. Apparently it will feature “fan-favorite characters, including some double-faced cards, and planeswalkers”. Designed for Modern, and expected to be stuffed full of powerful cards that will shape MTG’s Modern format, we’ve also been promised a “rewarding draft format and nostalgic callbacks”.

We don’t yet have a release date yet for Modern Horizons 3, however what we do have is art – including an intriguing piece showing the Eldrazi titans. Conspicuously most of these guys were absent from Commander Masters, despite it having a dedicated Eldrazi deck.

It makes sense that Wizards of the Coast is keen to make a new Modern Horizons set. Filled with staples for both Modern and Commander, both previous products in the series have been highly popular, and Modern Horizons 2, which came out in 2021, is actually the best-selling Magic set of all time. Hasbro’s CEO said in a recent quarterly report that it’s made $200 million in revenue.

It’s certainly a banger of a set. Modern Horizons 2 included some of the best cards for the Modern format – perhaps too many good cards in fact, as some fans have complained about its impact on the meta, which included driving out several middling deck archetypes.

Still, Modern Horizons 3, whether it’s full of busted cards or not, is bound to have some exciting and complicated cards to peruse. Traditionally, Modern Horizons sets have also boosted an underloved tribe or two. The first one did a lot for ninjas, while the second went nuts over squirrels. Modern Horizons 2 also featured reprints of the fetchlands for the enemy color pairs. So for MH3, it only makes sense to print the other five allied fetchlands.

It seems Wizards might be ramping up its production of Modern products. Only a few a months ago we got MTG Lord of the Rings, a straight-to-modern set that some fans have described as ‘functionally Modern Horizons 3’ despite its non-Magic IP theming.

Modern Horizons 3 was revealed at Gen Con, alongside the Fallout MTG decks, and the full MTG release schedule for 2024. Don’t miss out on all the news – or our guides to the best MTG decks and MTG Arena codes.