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MTG card spikes 280% as it boosts classic deck

If you're a Green player, you may want to pay attention to this MTG card that's currently spiking in price - it could be a new mainstay of a famous deck.

The MTG card Outcaster Trailblazer against art from Shrine to Nyx

The MTG card Outcaster Trailblazer is in the midst of a miniature price spike, going from $0.90 to $3.40 over the course of just a few days. This price spike of 278% looks to have come about because the card slots very nicely into an old Pioneer deck that’s on the ascendant.

Outcaster Trailblazer is a Human Druid from the MTG set Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Its effects are fairly straightforward. When it enters play, it creates one mana – paying for some of its own cost or fixing your colors – and whenever another creature with power four or more comes in after it, you get to draw a card. Essentially, then, it’s Kiora, Behemoth Beckoner on a stick.

The MTG card Outcaster Trailblazer

There’s one Pioneer deck that can really make the most of Outcaster Trailblazer, and that’s Nykthos Ramp/Devotion. This old mainstay of the format uses the land card Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx as a powerful MTG mana ramp card, pairing this with lots of stompy green creatures and Storm the Festival to generate an unstoppable lead.

The Nykthos deck was super dominant in the early days of the Pioneer format, and one of the best MTG Arena decks around. It contributed to many new additions to the MTG banlist, including Once Upon A Time and Veil of Summer. In December, despite no longer having the strength it once did, another key part of this deck, Karn The Great Creator was also banned.

The MTG card Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

But things could be looking up for mono green, as Outcaster Trailblazer presents an enticing new option. The ability to draw more cards will help Nykthos Ramp perform in more grindy matchups, and if you plot it, it can also ramp you into a Cavalier of Thorns to generate some immediate card advantage.

We wondered if this card might replace Kiora in the Nykthos list, but instead it seems players are using Trailblazer to essentially add four extra copies of the MTG planeswalker to your deck. This card works like a (non-legendary) Kiora that also triggers Kiora, which is pretty fantastic!

Of course, despite the recent spike, Outcast Trailblazer is still many times cheaper than the price that was originally forecast. MTG Goldfish’s chart had it at $15 when it was first revealed, but these predictions generally seem to start too high and come down as soon as the set releases.

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