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MTG planeswalker doubles in price thanks to Standard play

As the year came to a close, Jace, the Perfected Mind increased in price by around 100% on Magic: The Gathering trading card markets.

MTG card Jace, the Perfected Mind by Wizards of the Coast

The Standard format is behind the price spike of an MTG card, with one planeswalker doubling in price over the Christmas period. Between December 25 and January 11, Jace, the Perfected Mind rose from $5 to $10 (£3.92 to £7.83) on secondary Magic: The Gathering market MTGGoldfish. TCGPlayer saw a similar jump, with the value going from $4.87 to $10.12 (£3.82 to £7.93).

This version of Jace sees the MTG planeswalker compleated by the MTG Phyrexians, a shocking twist from the Phyrexia: All Will Be One MTG set. It costs four mana (one of which can be paid with blue mana or two life), and the majority of its loyalty abilities focus on the MTG Mill mechanic.

Jace seems determined to make Mill great again, and the card’s seen some success in MTG Modern. The planeswalker has also seen a surge of popularity in the Standard MTG format. Jace has snuck into the sideboard of one of the best MTG Arena decks in play right now – Domain.

Jace is a cheap and cheerful planeswalker, which is super handy in a deck that has to manage its mana and MTG colors so carefully. Its primary role in the sideboard is to prepare for poor matchups, though. Perhaps the greatest enemy of Domain right now is another Domain deck, and subbing in Jace and its Mill mechanics could be exactly what you need to clinch the win.

Beyond Domain, plenty of popular cards from Rakdos Midrange have also seen price spikes. We’re keeping a close eye on Gix, Yawgmoth Praetor and Preacher of the Schism right now.

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