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Common MTG card spikes in price by 233% after banlist change

Banlist changes caused a 233% price spike for the cheapest version of the MTG card Preordain - and a much higher increase for special variants.

MTG card preordain lord of the ring art showing a galaxy above a river

The MTG cards Preordain and Mind’s Desire are spiking, after the MTG banlist update on August 7 saw one unbanned in Modern and the other in Legacy. Both MTG cards have several recent printings, so you can still find very affordable versions of each, but even the cheapest version of Preordain, which surprisingly comes from Magic 2011, has spiked 233%, going from 60 cents to $2 ( by MTG Goldfish prices).

If we look at more blingy versions of Preordain, we can see a bunch of more dramatic price changes. For instance, the version of the card recently printed in MTG Lord of the Rings has gone from $0.50 to $6, a 1100% increase, and this version from the MTG Secret Lair Psychedelic Show has gone up by $20, from $8.50 to $30.

Meanwhile, Mind’s Desire’s cheapest printing has doubled in price, but it’s still under a dollar – perhaps because there are fewer Legacy players than fans of the Modern format? But the Japanese variant from the Strixhaven Mystical Archive has seen an extreme jump from $4 to $38. And if you wanted a foil copy from Scourge, one week ago that would’ve set you back $30; now it’s $195.

These cards were unbanned by Wizards of the Coast in its annual ban announcement, which saw no cards actually getting banned, despite many fans clamoring to see the back of Orcish Bowmasters.

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