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Game-ending MTG card jumps in price by 120%

The apocalyptic MTG card Worldfire is increasing in price thanks to recent play in Commander, a format it was unbanned for in 2021.

MTG card - artwork showing an enormous cloud of fire

The MTG card Worldfire has been trending upwards in price for the last month. It’s slowly crept from about $6.40 to its current value (on MTGGoldfish) of $14.30, a price rice of 123%. Worldfire is one of the most devastating cards in all of Magic: The Gathering, but it’s hard to win games with. It exiles everything, including lands from the battlefield, and all cards from each players’ hand and graveyard. Then it sets each players’ life total to one.

The reason for the card’s recent climb appears to be the MTG Doctor Who deck releases, and specifically the Who deck that’s had the most impact on Magic: The Gathering card prices: Timey-Wimey. The card works well as a wincon with all the new Suspend cards and MTG commanders in this deck.

That’s because if you have a bunch of cards suspended when you play Worldfire, they’re technically in exile, and won’t be affected by the wipe. Then they can come into play in the next turn or so, and clean up the game for you.

The MTG card Worldfire

Worldfire is a card with an interesting history, having made its way to the MTG Commander banlist just a few months after it was released in Magic 2013. You can see why it was considered ban-worthy: it’s going to determine the outcome of any game in which it’s played, even if the remainder comes down to random top-decking.

However, in September 2021, the card was struck from the MTG banlist, the rules committee explaining that they “want to foster a Commander environment where 8- and 9-mana spells are viable and likely to show up in a game”.

As a result of the unbanning, Worldfire spiked in price to $30 for the briefest of moments, before plummeting back down to less than $10. While we don’t expect it to reach such heights again anytime soon, its upward mobility has shown no signs of slowing down.

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