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Ten major MTG Commander Masters spoilers revealed

The first MTG Commander Masters spoilers are here, and we've picked out a few choice reprints from the cards that have been revealed.

MTG Commander Legends spoilers - artwork of a sol ring in the center of a planetarium

MTG Commander Masters is a reprint set supposedly stuffed full of cards that Commander players are desperate to get their hands on. Since EDH lets you play any Magic: The Gathering card from any MTG set (if it’s not on the Commander banlist), there are a lot of extremely scarce, extremely powerful cards in this format, and players are looking to Commander Masters to deliver some choice reprints and drive those prices down.

During our first proper flurry of spoilers, on July 11, we got to see a few of those cards – and while most of the Commander Masters spoilers revealed thus far don’t crack the $10 mark, there are certainly a few worth talking about.

Here we’ll look at ten of the most important MTG Commander Masters reprints revealed so far, as well as their current prices.

MTG Commander Masters- Archfiend of Despair

Archfiend of Despair – $47

Only ever printed in Battlebond prior to Commander Masters, this giant demon boy was getting seriously pricey. Its a strong card, but realistically, as  an 8-mana creature that doesn’t instantly win you the game, there are lots of equally good options out there. Hopefully a reprint now will bring the price down a decent chunk, so you can pick one up for your Demon tribal decks.

MTG Commander Masters - Finale of Devastation

Finale of Devastation – $42

A tutor and a win condition rolled into one? Finale of Devastation is a seriously versatile spell, and fits into every Green deck running large creatures (so every Green deck). Fans of the card have been waiting patiently for this one to see a reprint, ever since it was released in 2019, and now it’s back to devastate some more life totals.


MTG Commander Legends spoilers - The MTG card Land Tax

Land Tax – $38

A one mana enchantment that puts a ridiculous amount of land into your hand, Land Tax is brilliant in any White deck, not just those with a lands-matter theme. It’ll help you thin out your deck, while ensuring you never miss a land drop again.

MTG Commander Masters - Cyclonic Rift.

Cyclonic Rift – $37

Stream-watchers were foaming at the mouth on Tuesday, shaking with fury, when Blake Rasmussen unveiled Evacuation instead of this card. Good things come to those who wait, it seems, as Blue’s best board wipe is also in the set. There’s a lot of hype behind this card, but it’s there for a reason. When you can Overload it, Cyclonic Rift ends games more often than not.

MTG Commander Masters Deadly Rollick

Deadly Rollick – $36

Perhaps the most exciting Commander Masters spoiler we’ve seen thus far, Deadly Rollick is notable because it’s part of a cycle of spells that are free if you control your commander. Obviously, in EDH, that’s brilliant. The really exciting part is that if this card is in, it’s likely the rest of the cycle is coming too, so we could be getting Deflecting Swat and Fierce Guardianship reprints too, and hopefully not upshifted.

MTG Commander Legends spoilers - The MTG card Spellseeker

Spellseeker – $25

It’s no shocker that MTG Tutor cards are strong in the Commander format, and Spellseeker is a pretty solid example, able to grab you any low-cost instant or sorcery. Any combo player opening this Commander Masters card will not be disappointed. What is slightly disappointing, however, is to see this card upshifted from Rare to Mythic.

MTG Commander Masters - Immortal Sun

The Immortal Sun – $25

As a six mana artifact that doesn’t really do anything the turn it comes out, The Immortal Sun is a little overhyped, and we were quite surprised to see its $25 price tag. Still it has three abilities that are always highly relevant, and a fourth that can absolutely ruin certain decks, so it’s not hard to see why EDH fans are slotting this one into the 99.

MTG Commander Legends spoilers - The MTG medallion cards

Medallion cycle $14 – 36

Unusual mana rocks, the medallions, are also getting a Commander Masters reprint. These are great sources of ramp in EDH, granting you a permanent discount on all spells of their particular color. They’re particularly excellent in monocolor decks, where they straight up boost your whole deck. The black and white ones are the most sought after, and most expensive, because these colors have the least MTG mana ramp cards. Conversely, the green version is a lot less desirable.

MTG Commander Masters Urza Lord High Artificer

Urza, Lord High Artificer – $17

An artifact-based value engine with a number of useful abilities, Urza, Lord High Artificer is perennially popular – particularly for a monocolored commander. A reprint this year in Dominaria Remastered (that was this year?) sunk the price for this card a long way, but it’s still at around $17, so another reprint certainly won’t hurt.

MTG Commander Legends spoilers - The MTG card Kozilek The Great Distortion.

Kozilek, the Great Distortion – $13

One of the best and biggest Eldrazi cards – unlike the other Commander Masters spoilers on our list, Kozilek doesn’t slot into a ton of decks- even though it’s legal in all of them. Not everyone can use a 10-drop that has to be hard cast after all.

Still, this is a great card if you’re a lover of ginormous creatures, and Commander Masters offers a new version with a pretty profile view. Eldrazi are set to make a comeback once the Commander Masters Eldrazi deck drops.