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Are the Spring 2024 MTG Secret Lairs worth buying?

There are seven new MTG Secret Lairs on their way - but which one is the best value for money? This price breakdown will give you the answers.

Wizards of the Coast has revealed the complete list of seven MTG Secret Lairs coming out in the Spring Superdrop for 2024. From pulp magazines to goblins on the gram,  there are bunch of interesting art styles. To help you with your purchasing decisions, we’ve broken down each lair by price, to show you exactly how they compare in terms of bang for your buck.

Bear in mind that, of course, MTG Secret Lairs are no longer printed to order, and the most popular of the lot will sell out quickly. Obviously there’s an incentive there to reach for your wallet first and ask questions later, so we hope this article will ensure you’re making an informed decision.

The Secret Lairs will be available, while supplies last, from May 13 – May 26. Each one has the same price: $29.99 for non-foil versions, and $39.99 for foils. Now on to the cards!

First up we have the Hatsune Miku lair, which fans of this virtual idol are sure to love. Or… they might love it anyway: there have been some pretty vocal critics of some of the artwork on these cards, which doesn’t gel with the way Hatsune Miku is usually depicted.

Secret Lair x Hatsune Miku: Sakura Superstar

  • Shelter – $0.20
  • Chandra’s Ignition – $6.70
  • Harmonize – $0.30
  • Azusa, Lost But Seeking – $5
  • Feather, the Redeemed – $0.80
  • Inspiring Vantage – $1.75
  • Total: $14.75

They may not love the value here either, as it’s the worst of the seven. Still not as bad as some Secret Lairs we’ve spied in the past, and the good news is all the cards here are highly playable in Commander, but less than $15 in cards is lower than we’d hope for from a $30 purchase.

Next up is Showcase: Outlaws of Thunder Junction, which is quite simply Outlaws of Thunder Junction’s showcase style applied to a bunch of creatures that didn’t make the main set.

Showcase: Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet – $8.24
Magda, Brazen Outlaw – $1
Dack Fayden – $12
Grease Fang, Okiba Boss – $0.35
Total: $21.59

The value’s not terrible here, but this drop has better offers. And we kind of suspect that players will have had their fill of the wanted poster style in the Thunder Junction MTG set proper.

Then we have Goblingram, a bunch of MTG goblin cards which are designed as selfies uploaded to social media. This one’s like marmite, you’re either going to love it or hate it – though we come down firmly on the ‘love’ side. It’s outrageously stupid.

That said, with the way the rules text is deliberately cut off with a ‘show more’ button you obviously can’t click, it does feel like Wizards is trolling us.



Goblin Welder – $19
Mogg War Marshal – $0.20
Goblin Ringleader – $0.50
Goblin Chieftain – $3.10
Brash Taunter – $1.40
Total: $24.20

As you can see, most of the value here is found in Goblin Welder. But if you’re building a deck around this MTG creature type, we wouldn’t turn up our nose at this one.

We can be almost sure that the bonus card here is going to be Thrun, The Last Troll ($1), who can be seen tormenting the other goblins in the comments section.

Apparently, limited quantities of this drop will be available from the Tiktok store.

Poker Faces is an idea we’re amazed hasn’t cropped up sooner: MTG playing cards. It’s got an eclectic mix of cards, but most of them see a fair amount of play.

Only trouble is that there’s no card text at all, but it kind of had to be that way for this minimalist style.

Poker Faces

Jaxis, The Troublemaker – $0.55
Coffin Queen – $9.20
Goblin King – $5
Professional Facebreaker – $8.72
Rankle, Master of Pranks – $0.95
Total: $24.42

The value here is only a smidgen more than the last Lair, but just wait: things are about to get very good indeed.

This motley crew of villains is done up to look like the front covers of pulp comics. Honestly, it’s a really good style, and if you’re in the market for these cards, we’d jump at the chance to pick ’em up here.

Outlaw Anthology Vol 2: Sinister Scoundrels

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger – $8.28
Karona, False God – $2.89
Korvold, Fae-Cursed King – $14
Memnarch – $7.60
Total: $32.77

You might not get much use out of Karona, but Korvold is one the best MTG commanders around, and Vorinclex is really fun… for you, not your opponents.

Try not to get your Rebellious Renegades mixed up with you Sinister Scoundrels – totally different thing.

Outlaw Anthology Vol 1: Rebellious Renegades

Tezzeret the Seeker – $21
Griselbrand – $11
Grenzo, Havoc Raiser – $0.35
Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker – $3.57
Total: $35.92

Obviously, the Tezzeret MTG planeswalker holds most of the value here, though you do get some other decent cards for your money – including Griselbrand and Nicol Bolas.

Of course this one had to be the best value for money. A set of cruel black cards, with awesome artwork ruined by obnoxious internet speak and comic sans font, we guess the idea is you can frustrate your opponents to death?

Sans Mercy

Doom Blade – $0.25
Massacre – $0.65
Torment of Hailfire – $20
Ruination – $6.73
Mogis, God of Slaughter – $8.45
Total: $36.08

Sorry, even after looking at that stellar price tag, we just don’t have a good thing to say about this lair. I’m not trying to be a stick in the mud; I said I liked the goblins one, didn’t I? it just makes us cringe way too much.

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