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New MTG Commander deck sparks calls for Scooby Doo Secret Lair

Murders at Karlov Manor features multiple Magic: The Gathering cards with Scooby Doo energy – and fans are calling for a full Secret Lair.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor art from Wizards of the Coast card, Meddling Kids

A new MTG Commander deck from Murders at Karlov Manor has created fresh demand for a Scooby Doo Secret Lair. Revealed on January 24, the Deep Clue Sea deck features a Magic: The Gathering card that’s definitely Shaggy-coded. Sophia, Dogged Detective is always accompanied by a doggy detective, and it hands out literal Scooby Snacks to dogs that deal damage to players.

It makes sense to see a disguised member of Mystery Inc. in this MTG Commander deck. Deep Clue Sea takes advantage of the detective theme of Murders at Karlov Manor, and it’s all about solving mysteries and creating Clue tokens. This deck is already looking like a tasty Scooby Snack, as its reprint value is high enough to make anyone say ‘Zoinks!’.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor card, Sophia, Dogged Detective, next to a Reddit post proxying the card

Fans were quick to spot the spooky parallels at play. Magic players on Reddit have called for a Scooby Doo MTG Secret Lair, and they’ve even whipped up a few proxies. These replace Sophia, Dogged Detective’s art with the original Scooby Doo and his sandwich-loving friend.

This isn’t even the only Scooby card spotted in the upcoming MTG set. Meddling Youths shows a young woman with a suspiciously Daphne-esque color scheme unmasking a villain. “Well, if it isn’t mean old Mr. Larchbottom”, declares the flavor text, “who’s always been so eager to have the only dumpling stall in Oxblood Alley”. And he would have gotten away with it, too.

MTG Murders at Karlov Manor card, Meddling Youths

“Scooby Doo Secret Lair when?”, one fan writes in a second Reddit thread on the subject. The most recent Secret Lair featured Cats and Dogs, so we’re sure Wizards of the Coast can make room for one more talking pup. We just hope the Scooby Doo deck doesn’t sell out quite as fast.

These cards will be available when Murders at Karlov Manor drops on February 9. Check out what’s coming up in the MTG release schedule after that. Plus, here’s the latest on MTG Arena decks and MTG Arena codes.