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MTG Online sells 2,000 of the best Commander cards for $39

This new Magic: The Gathering Online product costs the same as buying one paper copy of your favorite MTG Commander – not bad at all.

Three MTG cards from the Magic: The Gathering Online Commander Workshop bundle

Magic: The Gathering Online has a new digital card bundle for MTG fans, featuring 2,000 of Commander’s best cards. According to an MTGO blog post from April 8, the $39 (£30.72) Commander Workshop bundle features “a true springboard into a deep dive of Magic’s wildest and weirdest format”.

Apparently, 96% of the cards in the Commander Workshop are Rares and Mythics. 375 of these can be your MTG Commander, and 40 of them are handy MTG Planeswalkers. MTGO’s choices have been pulled from over 120 MTG sets.

Many of the most popular MTG Commander deck picks can be found here. Among the enormous list, we spotted Chaos Warp, Blasphemous Act, Smothering Tithe, and Heroic Intervention. Sliver Queen is featured, along with 13 MTG Slivers to support her. Other high-value Commanders include Old Gnawbone and Kozilek, Butcher of Truth.

There are a few cards that we’re surprised didn’t make the cut. Rhystic Study is nowhere to be found, and the bundle has just one MTG Fetch Land. You can see all 2,000 cards from the bundle in Mayer’s blog post.

Unlike the free-to-play TCG platform MTG Arena, MTGO requires you to purchase a $4.99 (£3.98) package to start playing. Still, if you don’t mind paying a little extra to set up a digital trading card game, $39 for thousands of useful cards is a solid deal.

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Update (April 10): This article originally listed the sign-up price of MTGO as $9.99, but this has been corrected.