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A Beadle and Grimm’s MTG Secret Lair drops right after Baldur’s Gate

RPG store Beadle and Grimm's has announced it's releasing an MTG Secret Lair on June 13, just after the launch of Battle for Baldur's Gate.

magic the gathering secret lair beadle and grimms a trio of MTG kamigawa neon dynasty products.

RPG accessory maker Beadle and Grimm’s has been tasked with creating the next Secret Lair for Magic: The Gathering, the company announced through its Twitter account yesterday. Beadle and Grimm’s is a company that creates and sells gaming accessories ranging from t-shirts and bags to D&D maps and dice sets. Its upcoming MTG Secret Lair is slated for June 13.

Beadle and Grimm’s is keeping dead quiet about the contents of its Secret Lair for now, responding with meme GIFs when grilled by curious fans, though it details are coming. Notably though, its Secret Lair is coming on June 13, just three days after the release of Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate, the D&D themed Commander set launching on June 10.

It’s impossible to know if that’s a strong indication that the Secret Lair will be Dungeons and Dragons related. Notably the February Secret Lair superdrop that coincided with Kamigawa Neon Dynasty had all sorts of Japanese art-styles. But on the other hand, April’s Secret Lair drop, which aligned with Streets of New Capenna, was relatively light on art deco.

Beadle and Grimm’s is particularly known for its D&D wares, but the geeky accessory store covers everything in the realm of tabletop RPGs, from Pathfinder to Critical Role. In 2022, it branched out into Magic: The Gathering products, producing a special ‘Platinum edition’ box of accessories for Kamigawa Neon Dynasty including a robo-racoon plushy and a life counter styled on the card Ogre-Head Helm.

Beadle and Grimm’s often creates pretty artsy products, so it makes sense that it was asked to deliver a Secret Lair for MTG.

Details are pretty scant right now, but you can be sure once more information on Beadle and Grimm’s Secret Lair is released we’ll cover it here in our MTG Secret Lair guide. And if you’re a fan of premium products, check out this list of the most expensive MTG cards of all time.