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The rarest MTG and Pokémon cards are on sale in massive auction

Heritage Auctions has a TCG and collectibles auction running, with all sorts of valuable goodies on show, and the top bids are over $100k.

MTG Black Lotus auction record - Wizards of the Coast art of the Black Lotus

Heritage Auctions is running a TCG auction this evening with some of the rarest Pokémon cards and Magic: The Gathering cards money can buy, and already the top-ranked items are racking up bids in the $10,000s.

The live auction for these 252 costly cards will take place on Friday October 20 at 3pm CT, but preliminary bids are already ramping up. If you’re a collector, you’ll probably recognise many of the most expensive MTG cards and rare Pokémon cards and sets in the listings, like a 1st edition Base Set Pokémon booster box, currently sitting at $165,000.

Other items of interest include a Black Lotus artist proof graded 8.5 by CGC. At present, bidding has this at $85,000, but a mint condition copy is believed to have sold to Post Malone for ten times that value. Until the rapper snapped up the One Ring for $2m, this was the most expensive MTG card in history. There are also several unique promo Pokémon TCG cards that were awarded to Japanese tournament winners in years gone by.

MTG test card for Mox Opal

Less expensive than the very top items in the auction, but still interesting, is a Gamma MTG Playtest card for Mox Pearl. Real copies of this piece of MTG Power 9 can go for upwards of $5k, but this fake version is approaching the $10k mark. That’s because it’s a piece of Magic: The Gathering history, a rough-and-ready stand-in for a card used to playtest the game’s mechanics back in 1992.

The Heritage Auctions auction will take place at 3pm CT today, and will be followed by a second collectibles auction on Saturday, October 21. As far as we can tell, the second one has slightly less expensive items than the first.

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