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Australian comedy group Aunty Donna starts DnD campaign

‘The McMuffin MacGuffin’ is Aunty Donna’s rude, weird, chaotic take on a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign – and you can watch it now.

DnD Aunty Donna campaign image of Mark Bonanno DMing

We never knew we needed to see Aunty Donna play Dungeons and Dragons, but the Australian comedy group is here to provide anyway. On November 2, the group announced ‘The McMuffin MacGuffin’, a three-hour DnD campaign from the mind of Aunty Donna’s Mark Bonanno. The actual play series will be released in six parts on Aunty Donna’s Patreon.

They may be best known for their sketch shows and live tours, but Aunty Donna have plenty of ties to the tabletop world. Members Mark Samual Bonanno, Broden Kelly, and Zachary Ruane all provided voices for the Dungeons and Dragons movie, Honor Among Thieves. They also really understand what it’s like to teach the rules of a board game (see below).

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We don’t know a lot about The McMuffin MacGuffin at this stage. From a TikTok video shared by Aunty Donna (see below), we learn that the party will face many dangers – including a demigod and a DnD dragon with five more penises than you’d typically expect to see. The DnD campaign trailer also features plenty of scenes where Zachary Ruane would rather be doing literally anything else.

Aunty Donna’s Patreon subscription costs $7.32 (£6) a month. Episode one of the campaign is already live, but it’s not clear how frequently installments will be shared.

@auntydonnaDungeons and Dragons with Aunty Donna. The McMuffin MacGuffin is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign created by Dungeon Master, Mark Bonanno. This hilarious six part, three hour campaign is available exclusively at the Aunty Donna Club.♬ original sound – Aunty Donna

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