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DnD launches Drizzt Do’Urden statue for his 35th birthday

To mark the 35th anniversary of the popular DnD character Drizzt, Wizards of the Coast has licensed a 20-inch statue of the dark elf ranger.

DnD Drizzt statue up close

Wizards of the Coast and Gatherer’s Tavern have created a limited edition Drizzt Do’Urden statue to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of this famous character from the Forgotten Realms DnD setting. Standing 49 centimeters tall and weighing 18 kg, the handpainted Dungeons & Dragons statuette comes with multiple heads and arms which can be swapped in and out to provide a hood or different poses. Drizzt’s panther pal Guenhwyvar features too, and comes with glowy LEDs, reflecting her origins (she hails from the Astral DnD plane).

Make no mistake, this is one expensive DnD mini – priced at $1328 / £1045. There are limited copies of the figure available; Gatherer’s Tavern is producing just 399, and it seems that once they’re gone, they’re gone. Purchasers will also nab themselves a sterling silver pendant featuring the unicorn icon of Mielikki, the DnD god Drizzt follows.

A drow DnD ranger, Drizzt was created by American fantasy author R.A. Salvatore, first appearing in his Icewind Dale trilogy in 1988. Eschewing the evil dark elf stereotype of the time, Drizzt is a heroic character, a fact Salvatore used to touch upon themes of prejudice and acceptance in his adventure stories. Apparently, the character’s DnD race, class, and name was invented on the spur of the moment, hastily invented by Salvatore in a phone call with his editor, who was late to a meeting.

Drizzt has become a perennial character, with Salvatore repeatedly dusting him off for new books. The latest of these, Lolth’s Warrior, a conclusion to The Way of the Drow trilogy, came out today, published on August 15, 2023. The drow has also had plenty of cameos in other DnD books and products, and recently appeared on a Magic: The Gathering card.

Gatherer’s Tavern is a licensee for other Hasbro properties too – for instance, it’s created statuettes of several MTG planeswalkers, like Liliana Vess and Jace Beleren.

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