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DnD Radiant Citadel up for ‘excellence in gaming’ award

DnD book Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel is a finalist for the Diana Jones Award for excellence in gaming, winner to be announced at GenCon.

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The Dungeons and Dragons adventure anthology, Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel, has been nominated for a Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming. The DnD book, published July 2022, is known for its wide variety of settings and the diverse group of DnD authors that worked on it.

In our Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel review, Mollie Russell praised the title for its refreshing focus on hope and empathy, its dazzling settings, and complex characters.

Begun in 2001, each year the Diana Jones Award is bestowed upon the person, company, product, concept (basically the ‘thing’) that has “best demonstrated the quality of ‘excellence’ in the world of hobby-gaming”. The awardees are chosen by an anonymous group of more than 50 professionals in tabletop games industries.

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This year, alongside Wizards of the Coast’s book, finalists include io9 and Gizmodo tabletop author Linda Codega, and Cole Wehrle, creative director at Leder Games (maker of such great strategy board games as Root).

Two tabletop RPGs were also nominated: Rosenstrasse, about the loss of civil liberties in 1933 Nazi Germany, and Coyote & Crow, a Native American RPG set in an alternate history uncolonized North America.

The winner of the award will be revealed at GenCon, on August 2.

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Last year, Radiant Citadel was also nominated for a Nebula Award for Sci-Fi and Fantasy writing in gaming (ultimately won by Elden Ring).

You can follow these links to find out more about the various DnD settings in Radiant Citadel, from one inspired by Ravenloft to one based on Ancient Persia. And if you like your adventures to span multiple DnD planes, you should also check out our Spelljammer review.