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Top Eldrazi and Sliver MTG cards spike 130% thanks to Masters set

MTG cards like Emrakul, The Promised End and Sliver Legion are spiking through the roof, as players rush to kit out their precon decks.

MTG price - Artwork showing an eldritch eldrazi abomination.

Some of the best Sliver and Eldrazi MTG cards are spiking right now, thanks to spoilers from the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set. After the Eldrazi and Sliver decks from MTG Commander Masters were revealed, it seems fans quickly went shopping for upgrades for their precon decks, with some staples shooting up by as much as 134% as a result of the rush.

For instance, in the lovecraftian corner there’s Emrakul, The Promised End, which boostered all the way from $38 to $87, a rise of 129% (by MTG Goldfish prices). Meanwhile on the slithery side there’s Sliver Legion, which saw a dramatic 134% price spike from $23.50 to $55.

MTG card Emrakul the Promised End

It’s a pattern we’re seeing repeated, to a greater or lesser extent, across a wide range of Sliver and Eldrazi staple cards. The most dramatic rise, which we covered last week, was Sliver Hive, an MTG Land card needed to prop up the precon’s poor mana base, which became $37 more expensive in just a single day.

MTG card Sliver Legion

Presumably the reason these cards didn’t start spiking until the moment the Commander decks were revealed is that before then we didn’t know if they’d be reprinted or not. No one wanted to buy a Sliver Hive if it’s price was about to crash – but now they’re basically gold dust.

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