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Wizards creates free 5e stat blocks for DnD movie characters

Edgin the Bard and co, stars of the upcoming D&D movie, Honor Among Thieves, get a 5e stat block makeover from Wizards of the Coast

DnD movie stat blocks - Wizards of the Coast art of Edgin the Bard

The cast of the new Dungeons and Dragons movie can now turn up in actual D&D campaigns as official NPCs, complete with stat blocks. On March 6, publisher Wizards of the Coast released a free supplement on D&DBeyond that will add some celebrity to your future games. Ever fantasised about meeting Hugh Grant or Chris Pine? You’ll need to keep dreaming, but now you can dream in 5e.

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves will release in UK and US cinemas on March 31. While we’ve already seen plenty of eye rolls, traps, and foolhardy necromancy, these stat blocks can tell us even more about the characters at the centre of the film. Wizards game designer Christopher Perkins says in an official D&D video (see below) the stat blocks were influenced by an early screening of the film. Basically, beware potential spoilers.

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First up in the supplement is Doric the DnD Druid, a freedom fighter from Neverwinter Wood. She can use her Wild Shape ability to turn into an Owlbear, something that wasn’t previously possible in 5e without a DnD homebrew. She’s also a dab hand with a sling, and she’s not afraid to set an enemy on fire if they take a swing at her.

While Edgin seems like the classic, morally-grey DnD Bard in all the trailers, the new supplement reveals a more noble backstory. He was once part of a secret organisation known as the Harpers, so at one point he dedicated his life to fighting evil. Now, he’s resorted to stealing, bamboozling DnD monsters with magical taunts, and occasionally bludgeoning foes with his lute.

Hugh Grant’s Forge Fitzwilliam isn’t a core member of the film’s adventuring party, but he gets his own stats regardless. We know little about his character thanks to a series of identity changes, but we do know he’s a DnD Rogue who’s very likely to stab his friends in the back. There’s a whole mechanic that guarantees him a critical hit if he engages in friendly fire – ouch.

DnD movie stat blocks - Wizards of the Coast art of Hugh Grant as Forge Fitzwilliam

Holga the DnD Barbarian is strong and stoic. In this supplement, we learn she’s got a classic DnD background as an exile from the Uthgardt Elk Tribe. We also learn she’s capable of wielding food as an improvised weapon, so we’re expecting a creative tavern fight scene in the upcoming film.

The DnD Wizard Simon has the most surprising backstory, as he’s related to an RPG character of legendary status. If you’ve played D&D or the Baldur’s Gate videogames, you may already be familiar with Elminster Aumar. If not, just know that powerful magic flows through Simon’s veins, even if he’s not quite got a handle on it yet. The stat block shows he’s carrying plenty of DnD magic items to make up for his lack of experience.

DnD movie stat blocks - Wizards of the Coast art of Simon the Wizard

Another ally of the main party is the DnD Paladin Xenk Yendar. He’s taken the Oath of Devotion, but his backstory shows he’s more than a lawful goody goody. Something in his past is linked to the rise of a powerful, evil Lich known as Szass Tam. Mysteries aside, we’re looking forward to seeing him fight, as he’s equipped with a DnD weapon that has a detachable, flying blade.

The supplement’s last NPC is actually an antagonist. Sofina, Red Wizard of Thay, chose necromancy as her DnD school of magic. She hurls wraiths, magical meteors, and necrotic damage at her enemies. Wizards also points out she always shuns attempts at friendship – which makes us wonder if the party will win her over at some point.

You can find the free supplement on D&DBeyond.

DnD movie stats - Wizards of the Coast art of Sofia the Wizard

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