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Powerful land MTG card sees more than 250% price spike

The MTG card Eldrazi Temple has spiked in price, as fans prepare to enjoy all the horrible eldritch monsters unleashed in Modern Horizons 3.

MTG art showing the strange hedron artifacts that litter Zendikar

The Land MTG card Eldrazi Temple is spiking in value, seeing a price increase of 263% in the past month. On May 1, this card cost just $2.70, and a month earlier it was even cheaper. But demand has clearly risen sharply, and now this bit of cardboard is going for as much as $9.80, according to MTG Goldfish prices.

There are zero prizes for guessing why this particular card is on the rise – you probably got it from the name. It’s all the new MTG Eldrazi cards revealed in Modern Horizons 3.

Cosmic horror creatures are one of the core themes of the new set, and this spoiler season we’ve seen everything from Eldrazified takes on classic creatures, to buggy beasts you don’t even have to cast, to – best of all – new versions of the three Eldrazi titans.

The MTG card Eldrazi Temple

It’s fair to say cultist robes and tentacles are in vogue right now, and whether or not they form the basis for a much rejuvenated Modern Tron deck or not, the new Eldrazi cards are hotly anticipated. Which is why Eldrazi Temple, an MTG Land card whose only job is getting Eldrazi onto the battlefield faster, is spiking in value.

Still, it’s perhaps surprising to see such a price bump for a card that was reprinted in a popular Commander product less than 12 months ago. It’s even more of a shocker since it’s perfectly plausible that this card will be reprinted once more, in the upcoming Commander precon deck Eldrazi Incursion.

That decklist is due to be revealed today, May 29, so we’ll know very shortly whether those speculating on Eldrazi Temple made the right decision.

The MTG Modern Horizons 3 commander deck Eldrazi Incursion

Or perhaps those buying up Eldrazi Temple believe the card’s value will increase whether or not a new copy comes out in the precon. That’s largely going to depend on two things: firstly, exactly how popular Eldrazi Commander decks get in the coming months, and secondly whether or not Eldrazi strategies are viable in Modern.

It’s worth noting that, despite the fact that Zhudolok, Void Gorger was by far the most popular MTG commander from last year’s Commander Masters set, Eldrazi Temple still remained at a flat $1.00 price tag. I think, therefore, that if this card gets reprinted, and Modern’s Eldrazi soufflé fails to rise, Eldrazi Temple could come crashing back down to Earth.

As well as the Temple, you should be keeping an eye on other cards that synergize with the Eldrazi, looking out for others that have the potential to spike. A more expensive land, Eye of Ugin, has already risen from $40 to $60, and we’ve no doubt more MTG cards will follow.

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