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Ugin MTG Planeswalker card sees 150% price increase

The MTG Planeswalker card Ugin the Spirit Dragon has seen a $30 price spike, due to fitting very nicely in the popular new Eldrazi Commander deck.

MTG Ugin Planeswalker art showing the dragon Ugin

The MTG Planeswalker card Ugin the Spirit Dragon has undergone an impressive jump in price – especially for an already fairly expensive Magic: The Gathering card. Costing just under $20 at the beginning of August, this card now sits at a whopping $50 on MTG Goldfish, an increase of exactly 150%.

What’s driving the price change for this card? Well, if you’ve been keeping an eye on fluctuations amongst Magic’s favorite tentacular terrors, the Eldrazi, you may already have some idea. Yes, it’s Zhulodok, Void Gorger, everyone’s favorite Eldrazi commander from Commander Masters.

With 2,600 decks listed on EDHREC already, it’s fair to say that Zhulodok is the standout card from the Commander Masters set. (For comparison, the underwhelming Sliver Gravemother MTG commander has just 655 decks logged). All the best Eldrazi cards have been ramping up in cost, as more and more players look to kit out this precon with giant colorless spells.

MTG Planeswalker card ugin the spirit dragon

And Ugin the Spirit Dragon is certainly worthy of inclusion. Sure, it’s an 8-mana MTG Planeswalker, but in a colorless shell, Ugin’s minus ability is nothing less than a one-sided board wipe.

It’s perhaps surprising that Ugin took this long to spike, given that some Eldrazi cards began shifting as soon as the Eldrazi Unbound deck was revealed, and many are still upwardly mobile. It seems to have taken players up until Commander Masters was actually released to realize that other big colorless spells, not just Eldrazi, are very good in Zhulodok decks.

As well as Ugin, the big winners of the week are those cards unbanned during Monday’s ban announcement. If you happen to own a special variant of either of these MTG cards, you can be very content indeed right now.

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