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Every bit of DnD and MTG news revealed at Wizards Presents

Our team was all over the avalanche of DnD and Magic: The Gathering news revealed by Wizards of the Coast on Thursday - here's the full run-down

All DnD and MTG news from Wizards Presents 2022 - WotC image showing a screenshot from the new DnD Digital platform, with a large 3D dragon mini

Wizards of the Coast, publisher of Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering, had rather a big day on Thursday, delivering an hour-long, packed presentation of reveals about everything that’s coming soon to both games. Dice-rolling adventurers  and spell-slinging card sharks everywhere suddenly had a lot of new information to get their talons into –  so your Wargamer team was on the case, breaking down and reporting on all the biggest take-aways from the event. There’s quite a stack of stories, though, so we thought we’d pull them all into one place for you.

Here’s our digest of all the most important news revealed at Wizards Presents 2022:

All DnD and MTG news from Wizards Presents 2022 - WotC artwork showing the official logo for One D&D, the next evolution of Dungeons and Dragons

DnD 6E is called One D&D, and playtesting starts now

The promised “next evolution” of Dungeons and Dragons due in 2024 finally has a name: it’s called One D&D, and Wizards says it’ll be the definitive version; the end of ‘editions’ of the game, “building on” the current 5e version rather than replacing it.

We got some tantalising, snazzy glimpses of Wizards’ official virtual tabletop (VTT) system, D&D Digital, too. It uses the Unreal graphics engine, boding well for those keen on playing remote games of DnD with higher-end visuals than Roll20, the current market leading VTT.

Not only that, but – as Mollie Russell reported for us – “playtesting packets” of all the new materials that make up One D&D have already started dropping (for free) via DnDBeyond, so players can technically start playing with the next version immediately.

The first packet, released alongside Wizards Presents on August 18, introduces rules that make your character’s Background more important than their Race.

All DnD and MTG news from Wizards Presents 2022 - WotC image showing the DnD 2023 release schedule

DnD 2023 release schedule is live

DnD fans got some much closer-to-home reveals than that, though, as Wizards dropped the dime on its full DnD 2023 release schedule. It includes (among other things) a full campaign that expands on the classic Lost Mines of Phandelver starter set, and a whole new sourcebook in the classic Planescape setting.

You can feast on the entire schedule of new Dungeons and Dragons loveliness (including more details of the return of Dragonlance) in Mollie’s DnD 2023 release schedule report.

All DnD and MTG news from Wizards Presents 2022 - WotC artwork showing the Phyrexian Praetor Elesh Norn for Magic The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering 2023 release schedule is live, too!

Over in the Magic: The Gathering corner, Wizards also pulled back the curtain on the new MTG sets, decks, and more that we can expect in its MTG 2023 release schedule.

Starting with confirmation of the recently emerged Dominaria Remastered, due out January 13 2023, we now have the names of all four full-scale MTG sets coming next year – and a couple of extras to boot, including a curious supplemental set that seems to promise big changes to how Magic’s multiverse works.

Wargamer’s resident Planeswalker Matt Bassil trawls through every detail in his excellent MTG 2023 release schedule guide – so if you want to avoid compleation, you’d better read and bookmark it to keep up to speed with MTG over the next year.

All DnD and MTG news from Wizards Presents 2022 - WotC artwork showing the eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, in his card artwork for the MTG Doctor Who set

There’s a Doctor Who MTG: Universes Beyond set coming

Magic: The Gathering’s roster of Universes Beyond crossover sets – integrating various other beloved fantasy and sci-fi worlds into MTG gameplay with their very own custom cards and decks – is taking a big step across the time-space continuum with an official Doctor Who MTG set.

You can learn everything there is to know about it in our report on the MTG Doctor Who Universes Beyond set – and ogle the eye-catching Time Lord artworks while you’re at it.

All DnD and MTG news from Wizards Presents 2022 - WotC image showing the Pelennor Fields Minas Tirith card collage in the MTG Lord of the Rings set

Lord of the Rings MTG set has an 18-card collage of Minas Tirith

We’ve known for a little while that we were also getting a Lord of the Rings MTG Universes Beyond set, titled MTG Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth.

But Wizards Presents showed off a few of the set’s striking (and perhaps visually surprising) artworks for the first time, as well as unveiling a massive, 18-card ‘collage’ depicting the epic battle of the Pelennor Fields, from The Return of the King.

Check out this olyphantine collector’s piece (and everything else we know about the set) in Matt’s latest story on the MTG Lord of the Rings Universes Beyond set.

All DnD and MTG news from Wizards Presents 2022 - WotC artwork showing the Necrons Silent King card in the upcoming MTG Warhammer 40k set

The Warhammer 40k MTG set has faction themed Sol Rings

The MTG Warhammer 40k Universes Beyond set is going to include a set of four Sol Rings, themed around the 40k universe’s Imperium, Chaos, Necrons, and Genestealer Cults factions.

For full details, check out our running guide to the MTG Warhammer 40k Universes Beyond release date and cards.

All DnD and MTG news from Wizards Presents 2022 - WotC artwork showing the card Ajani, Sleeper Agent for MTG

Ajani is getting compleated in Dominaria United

Finally, to further underline the dark, desperate vibes we’ve already seen play out in Magic: The Gathering’s Dominaria United spoilers so far, Wizards revealed that Ajani Goldmane, beloved and noble MTG Planeswalker, is the latest MTG hero to be ‘compleated’ (converted into a robotic thrall) by the evil Phyrexians in the upcoming MTG set.

His new card – Ajani, Sleeper Agent – also exemplifies Dominaria United’s now-infamous resurgence of MTG’s poison mechanic.

For a full breakdown, here’s our story on all the  MTG Dominaria United’s mechanics revealed so far.

If you prefer to hear such things straight from the Wizards’ mouths, here’s the full Wizards Presents video for you:

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