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27 January 2015

PC Game Preview

Naval Action Ahoy!

First impressions of this age of sailing ships game from Matthew Flanigan

Board Game Review

Enemy Coast Ahead

A Dambuster Raid game reviewed by Richard Martin

Historical Article

Tokyo Firestorm

The US Strategic Bombing Campaign of Japan - Part 2


Trailing Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam 65 interview

PC Game Preview

5 Games to Watch in 2015

Matthew Flanigan takes a look at the five games he is most looking forward to in 2015

Historical Article

Born in Battle Forged in Steel and Aluminium

The US Strategic Bombing Campaign of Japan June 1944 - August 1945, Part 1

PC Game Review

What Was Good in 2014

5 games from 2014 worth looking at

iPad Game Review

Crash Dive!

WW2 submarine warfare at your fingertips

Book Review

The Lieutenant Dont Know

One Marines Story of Warfare and Combat Logistics in Afghanistan

PC Game Review

Victory at Sea Winner or Loser?

Cam Woolnut reviews Evil Twin's WW2 naval game

Latest News

Press Release

A Closer Look at Siegelord's Faction War

New trailer video released

Press Release

Matrix Games Deal of the Week Returns

Decisive Campaigns: Blitzkrieg gets a price cut

Press Release

Star Trek: Alien Domain begins second closed beta test

Second closed beta test will include several new features

Press Release

Grognard Simulations Releases Death Ride Kursk

Das Reich, DRK-IISS Enhancement, and Incredible Courage 100 Days – Quatre Bras

Press Release

Angels One Five

Victory Point Games release Phil Sabin’s air warfare game

Press Release

A not so Phoney War

Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg gets a Steam release!

Press Release

Breach and Clear Steams On

Top-down Tactical Thriller Breach & Clear: Deadline Hits Steam Early Access, Playable at PAX South this Weekend

Press Release

World of Tanks Blitz New British Tank Line

New map and British tanks brought to iOS and Android users in Update 1.6

Press Release

El Dorado Expansion for Europa Universalis IV Lets You Go For Gold

February Add-On Adds On New Events and Tools

Press Release

Aircraft Carriers Hit the Water in World of Warships

The mobility and tactical flexibility of aircraft carriers bring a real strategic dimension to the battle

Press Release

Stronghold Kingdoms on Mac App Store

Launch Trailer invites Mac gamers to join the battle for medieval Europe in the first ever MMORTS on Mac, with free Starter Packs for new players

Press Release

Sid Meier's Starships

Firaxis Reveals New Interstellar Strategy Game

Press Release

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada RTS Launched

Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos Interactive to bring GW tabletop game to PC

Press Release

Get Personal with New World of Tanks Mission System

Personalized campaign setup and unique in-game rewards available to all players

Press Release

Victory at Sea Goes Retail

UK publisher set to release retail box version of Evil Twin’s Victory at Sea

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iPad Game Review: Crash Dive!

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