24 April 2014

Rush for Berlin Set for May 30 Release

In stores May 30th in North America.

GONE GOLD posted on 16 MAY 2006 12:19pm by Scott Parrino

Rush for Berlin has gone gold, Paradox Interactive announced on Tuesday. The new World War II RTS will be released in North American retail stores beginning on May 30th, priced at $39.99. In this new title, players battle not only against the German army, but also the future Cold War enemy as they make haste to reach Berlin before their counterpart does. Both the Soviet and Western Allies (UK, US, etc.) are playable armies in the game, each of which are complemented with a full selection of historical units, as well as new prototype units. The game's 3D engine is based on the same one that powered the Codename Panzers series, providing Pixel Shader 3.0 enhanced graphics and destructable terrain, as well as attractive graphics. For more information on the game, we recommend browsing our recent collection of E3 screens or checking out the single player demo.

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