25 April 2014

ChatBlade MMO Middleware Released

ChatBlade middleware has been released for MMO developers to quickly integrate chat features into their game.

INDUSTRY NEWS posted on 27 NOV 2007 9:49am by Scott Parrino

New game middleware unsheathed. ChatBlade allows developers of Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG's) to rapidly incorporate state-of-the-art Chat functionality into their games. ChatBlade trims development costs and reduces development time by supplying feature-rich Chat middleware that is designed to be easily integrated into online games. ChatBlade ships as C++ source code, and includes extensive HTML documentation. Online game development can typically be enhanced by incorporating various middleware components such as Trees, Graphics, AI, Sound, and Physics. Now, with the release of ChatBlade, game studios can rapidly include full-featured, robust Chat in their games with minimal effort. "We wanted to create a Chat component where the Players were in control", states Flex Dolphynn, software architect of ChatBlade. "Moving from game to game and having the Group Chat command change from /g, to /p, to /team is frustrating for MMORPG players. ChatBlade gives developers the ability to let Players choose their own Slash Commands and incorporates the best Chat features found across multiple games." ChatBlade is fully Unicode compliant, enabling Chat in all the worlds languages, including traditional Chinese, Korean, Swedish, and English. It includes support for features such as moods (Happy, Playful, etc.), in-game languages (Elvish, Galactic, etc.), drunken speech, and Chat filtering. ChatBlade has pioneered new innovations such as the /nickname slash command for use in /tells and priority Chat channels to facilitate raiding. ChatBlade also enables developers to allow players to customize the slash command interface to whatever they desire. Games which incorporate ChatBlade allow players who have played previous MMORPG's to use the slash commands that they are accustomed to. Players are not forced to learn a new set of commands. ChatBlade is available for immediate evaluation by interested Gaming Studios.

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