23 April 2014

Dolby To Release SDK For Its 3D Voice Platform

Dolby has announced that it is releasing a software development kit (SDK) for its Axon 3D voice communication platform.

INDUSTRY NEWS posted on 16 SEP 2008 8:38am by Scott Parrino

At the Austin Game Developer’s Conference, Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE:DLB), announced the availability of software development kits for Dolby® Axon, a voice communication platform designed to deliver a 3-D voice experience in online games and virtual worlds that is clearer, more realistic, and more immersing. “Building on our strengths as an entertainment technology company, we’ve created Dolby Axon to offer game developers a powerful voice platform and gamers an incredible voice experience,” said Matt Tullis, Senior Manager, Games Market, Dolby Laboratories. “We want Dolby Axon to be the voice platform of choice for the most innovative and creative game developers in the world.” Dolby Axon Features Initial Dolby Axon features include:
  • 3-D voice, which delivers an immersing, realistic 3-D voice experience complete with surround panning and distance attenuation.
  • An occlusion engine that dynamically responds to game geometry, enabling gamers to experience voice communication that matches the game environment.
  • Voice fonts that allow gamers to take on the voice attributes of game characters.
  • Dolby voice pipeline, which delivers a clear voice experience free of unwanted noise, echo, clipping, and leveling problems.
  • Flexible API offering creative integration and game play options to developers, including the ability to create new voice experiences in games.
Dolby Axon Benefits Dolby Axon offers game developers and publishers numerous innovative and effective tools for improving the online gaming experience. A few of these benefits are described here.
  • Enhanced audio experience: Dolby Axon enables game developers to create more interactive, engaging, and realistic voice experiences for online games and virtual worlds.
  • Massive scalability: Dolby Axon supports thousands of users per server, and scales seamlessly across multiple servers to support massively multiplayer games and large virtual worlds. It also supports various world architectures and multiple instances.
  • Bandwidth efficiency: Dolby Axon delivers a high-quality 3-D voice experience with low bandwidth.
  • Server tools: Dolby Axon offers game operators server and abuse monitoring tools to make operating voice servers safer and more manageable.
  • Flexible hosting options: Game operators are free to select a hosting option that works best for their needs.
Availability To support the development of better sounding online games and virtual worlds, Dolby will begin offering Axon software development kits to game developers and publishers today. Interested game developers and publishers should contact games@dolby.com.

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