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25 January 2015

New Titles from Pen & Sword Books

A slew of new World War Two books this month from Pen & Sword Books

INDUSTRY NEWS posted on 20 JAN 2013 2:57am by Paul Robinson

World War Two gamers are really well served this month by Pen & Sword Books.  In the Hitler's War Machine series we have German Paratroops 1939-1945; Götterdämmerung: The Last of the Wermacht in the East; German Tank Hunters-the Panzerjager; and The Afrika Korps in Combat

Next from the World War II from Original Sources series there is The Battle of the Bulge; The Normandy Campaign 1944; and Servants of Evil-Voices from Hitler's Army.

Other books published this month cover a wide variety of World War Two topics: the Bruneval raid; the Gordon Highlanders in the Far East 1941-45; Britain's War with Vichy France; Operation Market Garden; Adolf Hitler; the Luftwaffe; the Desert Rats; uniforms of the RAF; and finally missions flown by Mosquito aircraft.


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