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1 February 2015

Stronghold Kingdoms Set to Launch 13th Game World

Growing user size leads to creation of new world.

PRESS RELEASE posted on 21 JAN 2013 10:11am by The Wargamer

Firefly Studios, developers of the Stronghold series and the ever-growing online strategy MMO version called Stronghold Kingdoms announced today that a new world will be created due to the increasing player base.

Hitting 1.5 million players is sure to give the game servers stretch marks, leading to Firefly Studios to launch the English-language 'World 7' server this week January 23, at 11AM GMT. The steadily growing player base hit an explosion growth of a million players in under a year since the game's launch on the Steam platform last year. Notably, Firefly Studios is not complaining about the demand, being a small independent developer.

Stronghold Kingdoms is a free to play MMO strategy game that takes place entirely online against other players. Players must raise villages and farms, build castles to defend their lands, trade and use diplomacy to make your way towards victory. With critical strategies like sieging your enemy's castles, pillage their lands, research weapons and important developments, and sweet-talk your way to the top. For more information, you can visit their official website.

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