Tank Battle: North Africa Now Available for iOS

Published on 1/21/2013

Tank Battle: North Africa, a turn-based strategy game for iOS platforms,  made its debut today on iTunes, a sequel to the critically-acclaimed Tank Battle: 1944. Developed by one of the most uniquely-named developers this side of the planet, Hunted Cow, along with Hexwar, Tank Battle: North Africa focuses around the titular campaign area of North Africa during World War II.

Players will command British and American forces in a variety of scenarios from raids, defensive actions, attacks, and large battles. The game features more than 35 types of units, from the Crusader Mk III, to the German Tiger Mk I. The variety of units allows players to develop multiple strategies and gives the game a bit of depth. The touch-screen control for iPhones, iPads, and iPods have been utilized to its full effect for Tank Battle: North Africa.

Players can expect a five-mission tutorial, eight British and eight American scenarios, and six multiplayer scenarios. The multiplayer scenarios are played out via the same device in a hotseat configuration, so you can keep your friends close and enemies closer, although its recommended to make sure to not anger someone sharing the same personal space as you. Additional campaigns can be purchased for those looking to add more scenarios to their plate.

Andrew Mulholland, the managing director of Hunted Cow Studios, said, "Tank Battle: 1944 was our first game for iOS and the response to its release was incredible. Players, strategy fans and WWII sites alike all enjoyed the game''s controls, accessibility and missions. Many people asked for more and suggested additional content, new units, and ways to give the game more depth. For the sequel we''ve taken a lot of that on board, as well as many of our own ideas and recreated one of the most famous conflicts in World War II, the North African theatre. We''ve kept the same, simple and accessible controls, but ensured that every mission can be approached differently and more experienced players as well as those looking for a real challenge can explore the strategy and tactics more fully."

To nab Tank Battle: North Africa, click here