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25 January 2015

Birth of Rome Announced

Stand-alone game to use AGE engine.

PRESS RELEASE posted on 22 JAN 2013 5:21pm by The Wargamer

Ancient Rome is getting another venture into turn-based strategy with the announcement of Birth of Rome from Ageod, Matrix Games, and Slitherine. This new turn-based game will be not only using the famed AGE engine, but was developed using the game structure and mechanics of Alea Jacta Est. Birth of Rome will also be a full stand-alone title, not needing Alea Jacta Est to run.

Birth of Rome will feature five scenarios, from the 3rd Samnite War in 298 and 291 BC to the infamous First Punic War that ran from 264 to 241 BC. This time around, players will be focusing their efforts around fleets and sea power, making their importance felt for controlling the seas for supplies and trade. Of course the game won't all be able the waters around Italy, players will have to still maintain economic balance, enforce diplomatic parameters and maintain their military in order to gain victory.

A full list of the scenarios are below:

  • The 3rd Samnite War opposing Rome and the Etruscan’s are the Samnite tribes between 298 and 291 BC, which will bring Rome control of central Italy.
  • The Senones War (284 to 282 BC), a violent Gallic tribe in Northern Italy is at war with Rome. Victory against these powerful Celtic warriors allows the Romans to take their revenge against those who plundered Rome in 390 BC.
  • Pyrrhic Victories (280 BC to 272 BC) where the Senate of Rome finally manages to capture Tarentum and southern Italy after repulsing one of the greatest ancient warrior kings, Pyrrhus of Epirus.
  • The First Punic War, a very long campaign between 264 and 241 BC, pitting Rome against Carthage for the control of Sicily. A balanced struggle, focusing on naval operations. A shorter version starts in 256 BC.
  • The Mercenary War (241 BC to 238 BC), a fight between an exhausted Carthage and her own rebellious mercenaries in Africa.

Birth of Rome is set to release January 29, 2013, so not too far away for those looking to expand their wargame library around ancient Rome. For more information on Birth of Rome, you can visit the official product page at the Matrix Games or Slitherine website.

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