January 2022 Archive

Zelda artist makes card art for MTG Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty31 January 2022
Games Workshop will pay you to nerd out about Warhammer lore on TV31 January 2022
Fill your Pokédex with 32% off Pokémon TCG booster boxes28 January 2022
Blades in the Dark RPG community hosts first online convention28 January 2022
Age of Sigmar: Nighthaunt face Daughters of Khaine in Arena of Shades box28 January 2022
Warhammer 40k: Eldar get new Shining Spears and Maugan Ra28 January 2022
MTG: Kamigawa Neon Dynasty unmasks The Wanderer planeswalker27 January 2022
How to start card battling in SIEGE: Apocalypse27 January 2022
Vashtorr the Arkifane, Warhammer 40k's new daemon character27 January 2022
Warhammer 40k: new Eldar Avatar of Khaine confirmed in fiery trailer26 January 2022
Three cards banned from MTG Standard - including Alrund's Epiphany26 January 2022
Warhammer 40k: Panini is making a space marine sticker album25 January 2022
Warhammer 40k: new Eldar Warlock model has three heads, four hands24 January 2022
Classic PC MMO RuneScape to get a board game and TTRPG this year24 January 2022
Total War: ROME: The Board Game tops funding goal in 35 minutes21 January 2022
Join the criminal underworld in Star Wars: Outer Rim, now 31% off21 January 2022
WW2 board game sequel Undaunted: Stalingrad coming this Fall19 January 2022
Total War: Warhammer 3's villain is Be'lakor - voiced by Richard Armitage19 January 2022
Warhammer 40k: T'au get potent new Sept rules in codex reveal18 January 2022
Gloomhaven board game beginner’s guide17 January 2022
How to build a Pokémon deck - deck-building in the Pokémon TCG17 January 2022
Warhammer 40k: new Eldar Dark Reapers have bare heads, extra weapons17 January 2022
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Be a 19th century supervillain in Victorian Masterminds, now half price14 January 2022
Total War: ROME: The Board Game - release date, trailer, expansions, and more14 January 2022
MTG: The Stack - what is it, and how does it work?14 January 2022
MTG Arena: Alchemy format will "rebalance" more cards in two weeks14 January 2022
Free indie game Kill Sector merges TTRPG with wargame - and it slaps12 January 2022
Games Workshop will hire you to dream up new Warhammer models12 January 2022
MTG: Pauper format gets its own international card banning panel11 January 2022
DnD Halfling 5E names, traits, subraces, and classes11 January 2022
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Tabletop Simulator hit with transphobic Steam reviews after chat box row10 January 2022
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Get everything you need to play Pathfinder for $5 in this Humble Bundle7 January 2022
The Umbrella Academy board game characters act "as they do in the series"6 January 2022
Games Workshop teases free models for 2022 in new Warhammer+ trailer5 January 2022
"Make it fun to lose the battle" - welcome to the age of adventure wargames5 January 2022
Roll, sail, or fly into War Thunder with a free premium vehicle5 January 2022
DnD Elf 5E species guide5 January 2022
Warhammer 40k: Genestealer Cults' Brood Brothers rule updated4 January 2022
MTG Ward rules guide3 January 2022