November 2021 Archive

MTG Unfinity un-set cards will be legal in Commander30 November 2021
Age of Sigmar: Soulbound's starter adventure is now free30 November 2021
MTG Unfinity reveals space-themed Shock Lands30 November 2021
When you play the Game of Thrones board game... you get 57% off29 November 2021
The best YuGiOh games29 November 2021
Warhammer Plus finally has a complete animated series29 November 2021
The Network N inclusion fund29 November 2021
Wizards of the Coast will pay you to scrutinise MTG cards29 November 2021
Survive the wilderness in Discover: Lands Unknown, 73% off for Cyber Monday28 November 2021
Top two-player tile game Hive is now 17% cheaper for Cyber Monday27 November 2021
Splendor is 44% off this Black Friday weekend27 November 2021
Award-winning tile game Azul is 60% off this Black Friday26 November 2021
How the Europa Universalis board game is making a historical sandbox on the tabletop26 November 2021
Warhammer 40k: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters reveals Nurgle units26 November 2021
A new Borderlands board game starts crowdfunding next week25 November 2021
Betrayal at House on the Hill is 43% off for Black Friday25 November 2021
Magic: The Gathering meets The Witcher in this fan made Secret Lair set25 November 2021
Save over $100 on Catan and four expansions this Black Friday24 November 2021
Total War: ROME: The Board Game delayed to next year24 November 2021
A Mega Man board game is coming24 November 2021
Crusader Kings 3: Royal Court DLC release date announced with new trailer23 November 2021
Hearts of Iron 4: No Step Back DLC review - the red bear awakens23 November 2021
Gloomhaven: Jaws of the lion is 36% off in early Black Friday deal23 November 2021
New Pathfinder board game 'Arena' hits Kickstarter today23 November 2021
The Europa Universalis board game will let you play over 100 nations23 November 2021
7 Wonders: Architects review - the ultimate warm-up board game?22 November 2021
D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast is developing a new videogame franchise22 November 2021
The Crew: Quest for Planet Nine is a whopping 66% cheaper for Black Friday22 November 2021
D&D: here's your first look at the Strixhaven adventure22 November 2021
MTG Innistrad: Double Feature could have been brilliant - but isn’t19 November 2021
GW: Don’t use Warhammer 40k’s Imperium to justify hate19 November 2021
MTG Secret Lair gets its first Commander deck for $9919 November 2021
Pandemic Board Game is 51% cheaper in Amazon’s early Black Friday deals18 November 2021
Age of Sigmar: 'Vanguard' boxes to replace Start Collecting! sets18 November 2021
Age of Sigmar: A peek at new Cities of Sigmar rules in White Dwarf18 November 2021
Unannounced MTG Secret Lair drop has peelable sticker cards18 November 2021
Here’s the Stardew Valley board game that could have been17 November 2021
Pandemic and Ticket to Ride are an escape room board game now17 November 2021
MTG head designer laments Innistrad: Double Feature reveal17 November 2021
Warhammer 40k: new Admech and Death Guard boxes arrive before battleforces16 November 2021
HeroQuest board game remake hits US stores next month16 November 2021
MTG Innistrad: Double Feature has more cards than anyone expected16 November 2021
Roll20 launches mobile companion app15 November 2021
This free fan-made Pokémon tabletop RPG is 'modelled after the anime'15 November 2021
D&D Strixhaven player backgrounds will be the 'most powerful' in the game15 November 2021
Total War: ROME: The Board Game's miniature designs are on the march12 November 2021
Save 51% on D&D Arts & Arcana collection in early Black Friday deal12 November 2021
The Silver Bayonet review - ghoulish gothic greatness12 November 2021
MTG Secret Lair bonus cards are numbered now, and printed backwards12 November 2021
‘A sense of freedom is essential to us’ - designing the Skyrim board game12 November 2021
Alien: Fate of the Nostromo review - slick sci-fi survival11 November 2021
Catan is coming to PlayStation and Xbox consoles11 November 2021
A Dungeons and Dragons TV show is on the way11 November 2021
First look at Total War: ROME: The Board Game’s units, tech tree, and turn phases10 November 2021
Skyrim board game designers: we considered including all of Tamriel10 November 2021
Warhammer 40k: balance update nerfs dominant Drukhari and Admech9 November 2021
Fallout: the Roleplaying Game is a love letter to the Bethesda RPGs9 November 2021
MTG: Innistrad Crimson Vow Commander decks revealed9 November 2021
The Pokémon Company releases crystal Pikachu statue for $25,00009 November 2021
Warhammer 40k: full Black Templars range goes to pre-order on Saturday8 November 2021
Socialist magazine launches 'Marxist board game' on Kickstarter8 November 2021
Deadzone 3rd edition review - Warhammer 40k: Kill Team killer?5 November 2021
Looking for a great two-player board game? 7 Wonders: Duel is now 40% off5 November 2021
Next Stargrave expansion is a multi-path mystery hunt5 November 2021
Total War: Warhammer 3 release date and Ogre Kingdoms revealed4 November 2021
Games Workshop will pay you to be pedantic about Warhammer rules4 November 2021
Total War: ROME: The Board Game map revealed4 November 2021
Hearts of Iron 4: next update tweaks the French Communists3 November 2021
Warhammer 40k Drukhari army guide3 November 2021
Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty release date, spoilers, mechanics, and everything we know3 November 2021
MTG head designer: here's why the next Commander Legends is a D&D set3 November 2021
War Thunder tanks: the best ground vehicles2 November 2021
Want to design or paint Warhammer for Games Workshop? Here's how2 November 2021
Skyrim board game launches for crowdfunding2 November 2021
Warhammer 40k's Da Red Gobbo returns with squig-riding Christmas mini1 November 2021
Games Workshop announces Blood Bowl dungeon-crawler spin-off1 November 2021