October 2022 Archive

Streamer brings Yugioh monsters to life and it’s just like the anime31 October 2022
The one coloured artifact in MTG The Brothers’ War is a time machine31 October 2022
Warhammer 40k's Imperial Guard has a new boss (on a robot horse)31 October 2022
MTG The Brothers' War Retro Artifacts look weaker than expected31 October 2022
Frightened 5e - how to use DnD's frightened condition31 October 2022
Man builds Warhammer 40k holiday home for gaming breaks31 October 2022
DnD Power Word Kill 5e spell guide31 October 2022
DnD Mind Sliver 5e spell guide28 October 2022
MTG The Brothers’ War has no Vehicles, to keep its retro feel28 October 2022
Cursed AI art blends Warhammer models with British politicians28 October 2022
Become a knight or mage with DnD Dragonlance backgrounds and feats28 October 2022
Moonbreaker drops loot boxes, gives sweeping refunds28 October 2022
First MTG The Brothers’ War spoilers include five Urzas27 October 2022
Warhammer 40k Mechanicus free on Epic Games Store right now27 October 2022
Warhammer Age of Sigmar battlescroll is a rebalancing bonanza27 October 2022
DnD skills guide: What the 5e skills can do27 October 2022
DnD stats - all key ability scores in Dungeons and Dragons27 October 2022
Wizards is gifting its $999 MTG set to multimillionaires27 October 2022
Total Warhammer 3 and 40k Chaos Gate both up for GOTY award26 October 2022
MTG designer hints Myrs will make a comeback in 2023 set26 October 2022
Day one Victoria 3 mods add anime and Cthulhu, delete Belgium26 October 2022
Warhammer Cursed City ends with mini-less Nemesis expansion26 October 2022
Pathfinder's next big setting is "New York City for dwarves"26 October 2022
Exclusive: Surprise Pathfinder book debuts 12 new dwarf clans25 October 2022
MTG publisher will hire you to dream up new Commander cards25 October 2022
DnD Detect Thoughts 5e spell guide25 October 2022
Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous unveils next three DLC packs25 October 2022
All 30 MTG cards from the Secret Lair advent calendar revealed25 October 2022
Victoria 3 review - a spectacular society simulator24 October 2022
This is your last chance to back the RuneScape board game24 October 2022
The Warhammer 40k Astra Militarum Rogal Dorn Tank is real24 October 2022
Full Warhammer 40k Leagues of Votann range drops this week24 October 2022
DnD level up – a guide to leveling up 5e characters24 October 2022
MTG designer says Magic Origins 2 “more likely than not”24 October 2022
Warhammer 40K Chaos guide - forces and gods of the Warp22 October 2022
Warhammer 40k Xenos - all Xenos races explained22 October 2022
Warhammer Underworlds Gnarlwood review - sticks and stones22 October 2022
Dwellings of Eldervale board game third printing pushed back21 October 2022
Graded Disney Lorcana cards already storm secondary market21 October 2022
This custom DnD character sheet helps cook up TTRPG towns21 October 2022
See the speedy snow spoilers for MTG Jumpstart 202221 October 2022
Kids’ drawings turned into MTG cards for children’s charity20 October 2022
MTG The Brothers’ War stream teases final Meld card20 October 2022
MTG The Brothers’ War split into three different 'arcs'20 October 2022
D&D movie will reveal behind the scenes secrets at London Comic Con20 October 2022
Vaesen: Mythic Britain and Ireland review – pretty great Britain20 October 2022
Hit anime Cowboy Bebop gets tabletop RPG with musical stats20 October 2022
DnD dice rolls not flying? Try a floating D2020 October 2022
These Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader units deserve models in 202319 October 2022
Age of Sigmar Ogor Mawtribes tweaked with new Rampage rule19 October 2022
How to win Monopoly every time19 October 2022
Three tabletop RPG dice systems better than DnD 5e19 October 2022
Pokémon TCG Live quietly extends beta to five new countries19 October 2022
Spirit Island board game expansion offers eight new spirits19 October 2022
MTG designer: 75% of fans don't know what a planeswalker is19 October 2022
DnD Vicious Mockery 5e spell guide19 October 2022
DnD exec producer Ray Winninger leaves Wizards of the Coast19 October 2022
Alien RPG adventure Heart of Darkness concludes sci-fi horror saga18 October 2022
New artwork for MTG The Brothers’ War shows Phyrexian big bad18 October 2022
DnD creator Wizards' Q3 revenue drops $60m on last year18 October 2022
Best Pokémon board games guide18 October 2022
Move over Blood Hunter, here’s an actual Witcher DnD homebrew18 October 2022
Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard's beloved Rough Riders are back17 October 2022
D&D is getting a Where’s Waldo-style puzzle book17 October 2022
Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soulbound releases Halloween horror one shot17 October 2022
MTG tried stickers before - but axed it over 'harming' cards17 October 2022
DnD Chill Touch 5e spell guide17 October 2022
Zombicide board game reveals 15 minis of Iron Maiden mascot17 October 2022
Swedish store sells MTG 30th Anniversary edition with real cards14 October 2022
How a little wooden board game called Quoridor blew up on TikTok14 October 2022
Warhammer 40k Darktide’s closed beta starts now14 October 2022
DnD Green-Flame Blade 5e spell guide14 October 2022
Horror artist Junji Ito lends his pen to MTG cards in Secret Lair14 October 2022
MTG Arena's Post Malone event offers unique 'Posty' sleeves13 October 2022
Magic: The Gathering 2022 release schedule13 October 2022
Elden Ring board game hits Kickstarter in November13 October 2022
Pokémon TCG shows off Silver Tempest's newest V cards13 October 2022
The best MTG Vehicles and how to Crew them13 October 2022
Joe Manganiello to co-direct "definitive" DnD documentary13 October 2022
Warhammer Underworlds Gnarlwood adds double moves, buffs charges12 October 2022
Five more Warhammer 40k factions that should get MTG decks12 October 2022
DnD Dragons of Stormwreck Isle review – a bright beginning12 October 2022
How Arcanium aims to move the roguelike card game genre forwards12 October 2022
Assassin’s Creed is getting a tabletop RPG with unique minis12 October 2022
DnD creatures and terrain sets 48% off for Amazon Prime Day12 October 2022
There's an actual MTG card for rapper Post Malone now12 October 2022
Best dungeon crawler board games 202412 October 2022
A closer look at Warhammer 40k's new Astra Militarum Kasrkin11 October 2022
DnD Teleport 5e spell guide11 October 2022
October's MTG Secret Lair stars fashionista Liliana Vess11 October 2022
Warhammer YouTuber is swapping his way to a Warlord Titan11 October 2022
MTG Hexproof keyword rules, history, and best cards11 October 2022
DnD mimic discovered pretending to be Halloween pumpkin11 October 2022
Warhammer 40k's Astra Militarum gets new Cadian Castellan HQ10 October 2022
Monopoly turns monstrous in classic board game horror movie posters10 October 2022
DnD Scorching Ray 5e spell guide10 October 2022
The Meathook Massacre is first MTG Standard ban since January10 October 2022
MTG Unfinity acorn stamps are showing up on the wrong cards10 October 2022
VSTAR Pokémon cards guide10 October 2022
Fan ports MTG Kamigawa's cyberpunk setting into DnD10 October 2022
Warhammer 40k Astra Militarum army set packs new artillery unit8 October 2022
These chunky Warhammer 40k signet rings are worthy of a Primarch7 October 2022
MTG Warhammer 40k Orks, Blood Bowl and Age of Sigmar cards spoiled7 October 2022
The best paints for miniatures7 October 2022
Warhammer 40k Mortarion - Meet the Death Guard Primarch7 October 2022
DnD targets Gen Z with selfie minis you can put your face on7 October 2022
Best chess tables guide7 October 2022
Axis & Allies and Diplomacy board games now run by Renegade7 October 2022
Warhammer 40k balance dataslate will hit "later this month"6 October 2022
MTG-alike SolForge Fusion’s cards are stuck in a train station6 October 2022
Publisher sheds light on Pathfinder 2E Kineticist playtest6 October 2022
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter 5e D&D spell guide6 October 2022
Cthulhu Death May Die board game spawns season three6 October 2022
MTG anniversary box simulator tests your Black Lotus pulling luck6 October 2022
DnD gods - the best D&D gods in 5E6 October 2022
Official DnD LEGO is coming (and you could design it)6 October 2022
Free games and gaming PC giveaway for Warhammer+ subscribers5 October 2022
Wizards expects MTG Lord of the Rings to outsell regular sets5 October 2022
MTG fans are raging about the $999 30th Anniversary Edition5 October 2022
Hasbro hires ex-Amazon exec to double down on Digital DnD5 October 2022
Golden Demon 2022 - the world's best painted Warhammer models4 October 2022
MTG The Brothers’ War has unstoppable Phyrexian Mishra card4 October 2022
MTG advent calendar is stuffed with Secret Lair cards4 October 2022
Magic the Gathering shows promo cards for unnamed future set4 October 2022
MTG anniversary set brings back Black Lotus (and costs $999)4 October 2022
Pathfinder and Starfinder see six new products in May 20234 October 2022
D&D Giant Spider 5e monster guide4 October 2022
MTG designer doesn't want you "gatekeeping" Transformers cards4 October 2022
Age of Sigmar's new Chaos Knights box has a horny horseman3 October 2022
Is D&D headed for a Netflix-style subscription model?3 October 2022
Warhammer Underworlds: Gnarlwood adds mode for new deckbuilders3 October 2022
Kid-friendly board game Necromolds is "not whimsical"3 October 2022
MTG The Brothers’ War will feature Transformers tie-in cards3 October 2022
Best Pictionary games to play in 20243 October 2022
Warhammer 40k Darktide devs show off death-defying Zealot subclass3 October 2022