April 2021 Archive

These Critical Role-inspired bath bombs let you scrub for initiative30 April 2021
Partisans 1941 gets seven new ‘missions’ and a horde mode in first DLC29 April 2021
Europa Universalis 4 hotfix doesn’t stop new Leviathan DLC being the lowest rated game on Steam29 April 2021
Hearts of Iron 4 DLC will let you build amphibious rocket launchers28 April 2021
Warlord Games’ Bolt Action gets Pacific starter set (with a tank)27 April 2021
Toss a coin (a.k.a. $80) for these custom metal-and-wood Witcher dice27 April 2021
Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s boss unveils his beasty Be’lakor paintjob26 April 2021
Undaunted getting a “super big” sequel, likely Pacific or Eastern Front26 April 2021
Europa Universalis 4: developer Johan Andersson talks the series’ past, present, and future23 April 2021
King of Tokyo board game is getting a ‘Monster Box’ with expansions included23 April 2021
Magic: The Gathering gets a Secret Lair drop of psychedelic gig posters23 April 2021
Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus’ XCOM-style tactics comes to mobile22 April 2021
Victoria 3 in "discussions" and Europa Universalis 5 coming "eventually"22 April 2021
Hearts of Iron 4 DLC adds some bonkers new alternate paths for Poland21 April 2021
Combat Mission Cold War delayed to June21 April 2021
Monster Hunter World: The Board Game spreads wings on Kickstarter20 April 2021
Against The Gods Themselves, a new Cthulhu gaming universe, to surface next month20 April 2021
Europa Universalis 4: "more expansions" coming after Leviathan this year19 April 2021
Warhammer 40k: Battlesector preview - grim, dark and promising16 April 2021
Humble Bundle’s latest $1 Warhammer 40k eBook bundle has some crackers16 April 2021
Kings of War getting dinosaur-rhino hybrids with Salamander and Halfling armies16 April 2021
Store your X-Wing miniatures in these genius custom 3D hangars15 April 2021
Marvel United: X-Men mutates onto Kickstarter, with Apocalypse expansion15 April 2021
Next Hearts of Iron 4 update entirely overhauls Poland’s focus tree14 April 2021
Stargrave review - a slightly stymied sci-fi-sequel14 April 2021
Age of Sigmar’s new Lord Kroak is the finest floating toad wizard in games13 April 2021
Carcassone gets a Pokémon fan re-skin, with Kanto and Magikarps13 April 2021
Be’lakor up for pre-order next week, in 40k and Age of Sigmar variants12 April 2021
Become an elemental wizard in this Crusader Kings 3 mod (and get a unicorn)9 April 2021
Warhammer 40k animated series Angels of Death gets mutant trailer9 April 2021
Warhammer Underworlds gets its first proper starter set next week8 April 2021
Hearts of Iron 4 DLC and free update will shake up the Eastern Front8 April 2021
Stellaris 3.0 update ‘Dick’ headed our way with next week’s Nemesis DLC7 April 2021
The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls card game is getting its first major expansion7 April 2021
Warhammer Quest: Cursed City review in progress - dark promise6 April 2021
Europa Universalis 4 is getting war canoes in free update later this month6 April 2021
Miniatures skirmisher Mythic Battles: Ragnarök is a Norse gods' rumble6 April 2021
This Hearts of Iron 4 mod pretends the industrial revolution never happened1 April 2021
D&D community baffled as mysterious metallic ‘dice’ appear worldwide1 April 2021